Monday, May 02, 2016

Geezer Ride News

Tony McGrane at the last Geezer Ride in 2015
Hey folks! It's time to talk about another Geezer Ride! This one starts in North English, Iowa at the parking lot East of the Casey's Convenience store.

Go HERE to see the Ride Page which has a link to the route we are taking. This ride was designed by my gravel riding buddy, Marty, who has done a few of my rides in the past. This should be a good time. Let's review here just what the heck a "Geezer Ride" is all about.....

  • It's NOT A RACE. It is about FUN and GOOD TIMES on bicycles on gravel roads. 
  • It is a NO DROP RIDE. If you are slow, come on along anyway. We will literally stop as many times as it takes to make sure we don't leave anyone behind. Because of this, plan on not getting back till probably between 3:00-4:00 pm at the latest. Sooner if we get a good group that has more speed, but I figure the earliest we will get back is 2:00pm. 
  • The distance is a little longer this time! The planned route is 55 miles. There will be a stop at a Casey's at about mile 40 or so. Bring your money/debit card/credit card!!
  • NO SAG!! This is a self-supported, self-sufficient ride. Start by having enough water and food to go 40 miles!!
  • Did I mention this is for FUN?

The Course:

Well, since Marty came up with this, I really will be along for the ride on this one! That said, he did let on about a few things when he described this to me.

One- it will go through some Amish territory. So, we may see some horse and buggy action, some Amish farms, and what not. Secondly, Marty promised some awesome Level B road he's been itching for me to see for a while now.

Finally, he designed the course to stay away from the monster hills that I am aware of in this area. Now that is not to say that the course is flat. It is not, but it does have some flattish sections and the rollers are pretty average. I looked at the course profile and there are a few big climbs, but again- we will wait for stragglers! 

Okay, so that's about it. Again, we will ride at 8:00am, so please be on time if you are headed down. I already know of a few riders committed to coming to this, so there should be a good number of riders on the route. plus, the weather is forecast to be gorgeous.

Hope to see you there! Please comment if you think you may be coming or if you have any questions!


graveldoc said...

I'm planning on making the trip up to join y'all for the Geezer Ride. Gonna combine it with a little family holiday at the Amanas. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful state!

youcancallmeAl said...

Damn! I'm not interested in racing but a regular ride like this is enough to make a guy want to move to Iowa!!