Sunday, May 01, 2016

Trans Iowa v12: Photograph

When it comes to Trans Iowa, the event has been very fortunate to have attracted some really talented image takers. Going way back to T.I.v3's David Story, and all the way up to now with Wally Kilburg, Trans Iowa has enjoyed some stellar image production. Along the way there have been others like Steve Fuller, George Keslin, Jason Boucher, Celeste Mathias, and various staff photographers from newspapers and cycling brands. I have been also wowed by images taken by the riders themselves at times, with some of these being my all time favorites from over the years.

That said, I don't think anyone has done a front to back coverage of a Trans Iowa version as well as Wally Kilburg has done this year. So here we go with Photograph: The Trans Iowa v12 gallery of shots I liked best from Wally Kilburg.

Greg Gleason and Sarah Cooper: I am so honored to have these two, and all the other fine athletes, come to Trans Iowa
The first Sunrise: It wasn't the kind of light a photographer likes to work with, but Wally aced this one. 
I think the way Spring has aligned with Trans Iowa this year was showing Iowa at one of its most beautiful stages.
Wally literally got in the ditch to get this great low angle shot.
Greg Gleason (L) and Walter Zitz cross the line at 4:01 am to take the win.
Sarah Cooper took the Womens title for T.I.v12
I feel Wally really captured Greg Gleason's personality with this portrait shot.
Wally catches the leaders leaving CP#1 by framing the shot between me (L) and Tony McGrane, one of T.I.v12's volunteers.
I love this shot of WTB's Will Ritchie. Again, it really captures Will's personality well.
One of Trans Iowa's unsung heroes- George Keslin, who does all the driving for Spring recon and for Wally when he is photographing the events.
Okay- this is awesome. It is 270th in Tama County, and you can see where MG drove me up if you look closely. 
Greg and Walter at Sunset on Saturday night in Marshall County.
Wally took a lot of shots on this Level B, but this one of Ben Oney just really does it for me.
Same Level B as above, and this one was my second favorite from this area.
We saw dozens of pheasants this year. Wildlife sightings are one of my favorite things about Trans Iowa.
Many riders knocked off a T.I. finish after several failed attempts. Vin Cox came from the UK three times to finally get his finish.


Kate Geisen said...

I look forward to Wally's photographs every year. They're unfailingly amazing.

75 miles south said...

More pictures on this blog. They're great.