Sunday, May 15, 2016

More Projects

Part of the puzzle
I mentioned a new bike I was planning on building up soon, and today I am giving you all a sneak peak of what it is I am up to. No.........this one isn't for me. This is for my son, who has outgrown his previous Mukluk and now needs a new rig to ride.

Now, it could have been as easy as just getting a new Mukluk frame and swapping parts, but........Well, you know. My son is attached to that bike and really doesn't want me to part it out. Besides, mrs Guitar Ted fits it as well. So, there ya go. I guess I have to start from scratch and build up another fat bike. I will be getting a few more minor parts, but I already have the majority of this one sourced and ready to start going together.

I think the young man will actually get two brakes to play with this time. The last fat bike only ever had one brake- on the rear- since it cit down on the confusion he was having with dealing with a front derailleur, Besides, we all could probably get away with one brake on our fat bikes around here. But I may just upgrade him to "standard" controls status.

So, stay tuned. I will hopefully be getting the younginz back on a bike real soon here.

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