Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Trans Iowa v13: Forging Ahead

Numbers have been personalized and are ready to go.
Things are coming together for the 13th annual Trans Iowa. Number plates are done. The final course check is scheduled to happen this weekend during what promises to be beautiful weather. That's good for recon, but I will miss riding again. Oh well..... There could be worse things. Much worse.

Anyway, there are numbers assigned to each rider now which you can see on the T.I.v13 site. These numbers are locked in stone, or Sharpie pen, as it were, so you cannot request something else. It is what it is.

After the aforementioned course recon this coming weekend the course will be locked in and cue sheets will be sent to be printed and cut. Then all I will have to do is arrange them into sets, bag them, and the bare basics for Trans Iowa will be all ready to go.

Volunteers are almost 100% accounted for and committed. I have a few more folks to get around to. If you haven't contacted me recently, or vice-versa, that should happen very soon. I have everything covered and I really shouldn't need anything unless you happen to be at the Pre-Race and want to pitch in. I might have a thing or two needing done there. But it will be okay if no one does.

Don't get in these guys and gals way! Yield or be trampled!
Remember- YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU. There will be some dangerous road crossings, towns and cities to pass through, and some small sections of pavement to traverse besides the regular riding of gravel. Farmers will be out, so watch out and yield to them if you encounter implements of farming coming at you.

Besides that, always RIDE TO THE RIGHT  when climbing hills. You won't hear that farm truck barreling down the road toward you at 50mph until it crests the hill and it will be too late. Riders should police themselves in this as the day goes on. Anyone we catch not abiding by this risks getting DQ'ed.

In the same vein, please YIELD TO EMERGENCY VEHICLES! We had an incident last Spring where a volunteer fire department complained that bicyclists were not yielding the right of way to emergency vehicles. If we hear about this again we will vigorously investigate and disqualify any riders suspected of being an obstruction. I expect to not have to do that, but I never thought it would happen last year either, so do not test me in this. Yield to farmers, STAY RIGHT going up hills, and get out of the way of emergency vehicles!

That should cover things as far as what I expect other than this one thing- Don't take unnecessary risks crossing highways, traveling through towns and cities, and FOLLOW ALL TRAFFIC RULES! These are open roads under the jurisdiction of local and State authorities. If the authorities don't deal with you, I will. Don't be a dumb ass!

Stay tuned. More Trans Iowa v13 thoughts to unload as we get closer to the date.

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R said...

GT - i think your 'rules of the road' should be posted in a FAQ or any other gravel-primer on your other sites. anyone riding gravel roads should follow them, especially in yielding to farm vehicles - those folks are on-the-job, we are out riding-having-fun. besides, you'll typically see SO few vehicles coming from behind you on gravel roads (in Iowa, at least) - that if you can make any effort to pull off to the side of the road (definitely for larger vehicles/trailers) - it is highly recommended. the drivers will absolutely appreciate your willingness to make their lives easier. we want to happily co-exist with the people who live/work on these roads; and a random break in the action to let someone pass on by shouldn't hurt your time all that much in the long run.