Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday News And Views

Time to roll......
Months of preparations, thought, planning, and work come to a head today as I am off to Grinnell, Iowa to put on one more Trans Iowa.

These are my quick thoughts as I head off into the crazy daze waiting for me....

  • Volunteers: Wow! You folks come out of the woodwork every year to help and I couldn't do this without you. Thanks isn't enough for what you do for the event and for the riders. 
  • Work: The volunteer work starts months ahead of Trans Iowa and Jeremy Fry,Wally Kilburg, George Keslin, Sam Auen,and Mike Johnson have done major things behind the scenes, sacrificed money and time, and have made the production of this event easier than I could have imagined it to be or hoped that it could be. Thank you for your sacrifices. Also, there are a couple of folks that don't want to be mentioned that also help out. You know who you are. Thanks!
  • Sponsors: WTB- WOW! What you guys have done is phenomenal. No words.... Will Ritchie: You are a special person and you have been very much a friend and supporter. Thank you! Pedal of Littleton/Andrew Christman- You have been there for several years now just quietly being a support and gravel promoter in your own way in Colorado. Thanks so much! Velocity USA- Again, a long time supporter of Trans Iowa. Thanks for being on board again for v13. Finally, Lederman Bail Bonds who has helped get the riders the fantastic t-shirts we are giving away this year. Couldn't do that without them.
  • Trans Iowa Radio: Ben, you are a great guy and sacrificing your weekend to facilitate the call ins is a phenomenal thing for this event. I appreciate it and I know that the riders do along with all the listeners.Thank You!
  • The Riders That Show Up: You are awesome, and I admire you for being there. Your commitment is awesome. Your follow through is to be commended.Your support of the event is appreciated. Thank you!
  • Grinnell: Thank you to the Grinnell Steakhouse, the Grinnell Chamber of Commerce, and Bikes To You/Craig Cooper. You've made the last seven years a lot less of a headache. In fact, you have been downright enjoyable. Thank you!
  • Media Interest: Wow! So much interest from media people this year. I am astonished and flattered.  Thanks to all who asked for interviews. I am sorry I couldn't do them all. 
I don't know what's in store, but here I go! A brief report may pop up here Sunday evening, but the big recap won't start until Monday.

Geezer Ride 6.0 will be coming soon!

Geezer Ride 6.0: May 13th, Hudson Iowa: 

In two weeks I'll be heading out for the sixth Geezer Ride I've put on. These are no-drop, casual rides which are for folks curious about gravel travel, or for those who are looking for a fun, social experience out in the country.

This year I am doing what I dub as the Four County Tour Geezer Ride. The plan isn't fully developed yet, but post-Trans Iowa I am going to buckle up and get down to business getting the route details down.

We will definitely start and end in Hudson, Iowa. Black Hawk, Bremer, Butler, and Grundy Counties are on the docket. At least tentatively. I may delete one county in favor of a destination to stop at and ride back from. In that instance it may end up becoming a three county tour. Kind of a ship-wreck, "Gilligan's Island" theme. Instead of a "three hour tour" it would be a "three county tour".

Okay, moving on now.......

So, the point being that I am working out ideas here and I will have to be hopping on the bike and laying down some miles doing the route recon in the coming days. Hopefully a Trans Iowa recovery is quick and painless this time......

Okay, that's all for today. Remember: Trans Iowa Radio is found on HERE.

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IMG said...

Good luck this weekend! Hopefully the weather doesn't make sitting in a truck/at checkpoints/etc too miserable!

Thanks to you and your team for being the inspiration that I think really kicked off the gravel "craze", I know of 1 event that has been running for 10 years now that would never have started without your kick in the butt!