Thursday, April 20, 2017

Trans Iowa v13: T-Shirts & Traffic

This is the T.I.v13 t-shirt design. Some will get this, some will not.
I am happy to report that the T.I.v13 t-shirt design is completed and paid for. The t-shirts are being picked up in Des Moines and transferred to a meeting place by Sam of Tacopocalypse. I will be meeting him Friday to transport them back to Guitar Ted Productions headquarters and they will be sorted in to piles to be distributed to those who responded to me back in the Winter when I asked if you wanted one and what size you wanted. If you were one of the few that did not respond you won't be getting a t-shirt at the Pre-Race Meat-Up.

I will have a list at the Meat-Up of those who responded and the size requested. If there is a mix-up, I will have a few t-shirts that I may be able to use to get you sorted out, but if you asked for a small and now you decide that since you bulked up for T.I.v13 that you now need an XXL, well, you will likely be outta luck there buddy!

Volunteers should all be getting one of these as well. I did not get around to all of you ahead of time but I do have shirts enough to cover all volunteers. Sorry! I may not have your preferred size, but I will have shirts. See me at the Meat-Up or send me an e-mail now if you don't think you've asked for one. It would be best to contact me sooner than later to insure you get a size that works for you. Thanks to all the volunteers! You guys and gals are awesome!

I'm stoked about how this take on Gary Cale's original T.I.v4 post card came out and I hope that if you are getting one of these that you will wear it with pride. Also-by the looks of the forecast, this version of T.I. seems like it will live up to the moniker on the shirt. That would be rad if it all worked out that way. Time will tell......

A Word About The Finish Line: I had a question concerning the proposed finish line at Miller Park/Lake Nyanza. I thought it might be prudent to make sure that everyone understands that this is a public park and that alcoholic drinks are not allowed to be consumed there.  So, please plan accordingly. 

Traffic will likely be a bit heavier than in some T.I. versions due to a few of the towns we go through.
A Word (Again) On Traffic:

Trans Iowa has taught me a few things about traffic on rural roads. One of those things is that the wider the gravel road, the higher the traffic count is on that road. So, as a rider, if you notice that the road is pretty wide, you should be looking for traffic. Again- KEEP YOUR HEADS UP! Ride to the right side as much as humanly possible and ESPECIALLY UP HILLS!

Trans Iowa will, as always, go through several towns and villages so you have the opportunity to resupply and get water. It is incumbent upon each Trans Iowa participant to FOLLOW ALL TRAFFIC LAWS! You MUST STOP AT TRAFFIC LIGHTS AND STOP SIGNS!! If we get wind of a group that has violated traffic laws or has caused a ruckus in a town that entire group will get DQ'ed. I will have a few cars out and about gathering info and checking the course, so there will be plenty of opportunities for us to hear about any shenanigans. Just be aware of your surroundings at all times and Ride Right! I am in no mood to hear about issues with riders that are not obeying the law and are not being courteous. I wouldn't test me in this if I were you.

Finally, as always, please make sure you are making smart decisions. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF at Trans Iowa.

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Let's not have anyone hurt or killed out there.