Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trans Iowa v13; Odds And Ends

Patches. Gnomes and people like patches, right?
Today I wanted to cover some random bits concerning Trans Iowa v13, which is 12 days away!

12 freakin' days!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!

Well, besides the normal anxiety of putting on this event, some of you may have read yesterday that my father-in-law died Easter Sunday. So, I had to ferry Mrs. Guitar Ted to Des Moines International Airport yesterday, which burned up most of the day. I'll have to retrieve her, hopefully on Friday, so there is another day shot that I may have gotten some T.I.v13 business done on. Basically, I have until Thursday next week to have all my ducks in a row, so I am hoping these final bits come in to play easily and I don't have any big issues crop up between now and then. Emotionally, I am already wearing a bit thin........

Anyway, enough whining.....

WTB has contacted me and have offered some of these cool, brown patches to give to some fortunate T.I.v13 riders. They will also have some WTB icon buttons for all, and of course, they have the tire sets for all finishers of Trans Iowa v13 as promised also.

Then a story from left field, concerning some prizing, which has turned out rather cool. Check this out.... I got a question,via e-mail, about componentry for bicycles. I often get these, so that is not unusual in and of itself. What was cool was that in return for helping out, this gentleman who runs Knickerbakken sent me some of his "Flat Folio" tool pouches done up in a custom T.I.v13 livery. THERE WILL BE THREE GIVEN - ONE EACH TO THE WINNER OF EACH CATEGORY.

I have some others, but they are spoken for and are going to some special volunteers. I am keeping one for myself, so these will be pretty special.

These are spoken for, but there will be one given to each category winner courtesy of Knickerbakken.
If you like these, they can probably be had, minus the T.I.v13 patch, from Knickerbakken. Just contact him via his Facebook page which I have linked above. The pouches can carry several tools and a tube. A pretty fashionable accessory for any cyclist. He also makes some other handy pouches. Check him out.

Let's see....... Cue sheets are due to be completed and in hand later this week. I heard Thursday, so stay tuned for news on that. There will be some arranging and bagging later this week, then that will be done and I can move on to printing waivers and the paperwork necessary for checkpoints. Then I hope to start boxing things up to get ready for the event. I need to do a checklist based off last years and make my notes for the meeting.

There will be a couple more specific Trans Iowa v13 posts coming which will be super important for anyone in the event. Please be aware that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU. Trans Iowa is potentially dangerous and you could end up in a pickle right quick if you aren't alert, keeping your wits about you, and making wise decisions.

Thank you. More to come soon........


Unknown said...

Sure am sorry to hear about your father in law, your extended "bike family" is thinking about you guys during this difficult time :)

Guitar Ted said...

@Joe Frost- Thank you!