Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational 2017: Update

Are you kidding me! This sounds almost too easy.....

Okay, the time is nigh for the annual Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational. I've explained what this is, like a million times, so if you don't get it, well, it is too late for this year. Those that are on board with the idea, here is the latest scuttlebutt.....

The weather looks to be.....great! I hate to say it, because I don't want to jinx the deal, but this might end up being the best GTDRI weather we've had in years. Usually it is hot, muggy, not windy at all, and hot. Oh yeah......and let's not forget how muggy it can get! I cannot say that enough!

I mean, sheesh! It's part and parcel of the whole thing- really hot, uncomfortable weather. The kind of stuff where you go outside and instantly start sweating because the temperature and humidity levels are nearly the same number. And......usually there is little to no wind. It is a recipe for baked cyclist. I know I've been roached a few years on my own ride. Last year I had to cut it short after 109 miles, and I barely finished the year before. I seem to remember 2010 was a year that I got smacked down by the Sun as well.

Anyway, just look at this screen grab for the forecast for Saturday. That's insanely great. Even if there is a 40% chance of a shower. Pffft! And there will be a breeze? That's uncommonly good right there.

So, HERE IS THE ROUTE <===click that! To recap- My plan is to leave Reinbeck at 6:00am. Now, if you are headed out and may be late, you'd better e-mail me @g.ted.productions@gmail.com  I'll be checking that right up until we are supposed to leave, and if you let me know, we could wait a few minutes. OR- You could join us down route. Anyway, just let me know.

The route plan is to have available convenience store stops every 25-ish miles. That said, the first one is set up so that we would have to tack on two extra miles to get that in. My plan is to pass it by and not stop for an extended time until about Mile 50-ish in Traer. So, plan on going 50 miles to start out with without resupply. 
One of the dirt roads we will be on.
 After we stop for what I hope will be lunch in Traer, we will go about 25 or so miles and reach Garwin. There is a seedy little convenience store there where we can get watered up and you might find a bite of something really bad for you!

Then it's on to Reinbeck. The Broad Street Brewing Company just expanded their seating, so we should have plenty of room to spread out and enjoy a brew. There are eating options there in town as well with a Casey's convenience store which usually has some killer pizza. You can choose to hang out, or get on down the road if you have to go.

Parking: Reinbeck is a fairly sleepy town. But, I would ask that we try to park along Main Street to the East of Broad Street or anywhere you aren't right in front of a business. I'll leave that up to your discretion, but I don't want to have us all parking right in front of the brewery and hogging the parking there all day while we're gone.

Planning On Coming?: You can let me know via email, (see above for address), or message me if you are on Facebook or if you have my phone number. I know of three fat bikers that plan on coming up for this one. So.....there should be at least four of us! There won't be any cue sheets! This is a no drop ride, with zero support! IF YOU HAVE TO BAIL OUT- YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! It would be wise to get a map of Tama County and have a plan in mind if you need to have to stop short of the planned 102+ miles. I will be navigating by GPS and cues and I may have a vague map which I might be able to part with. But that's it. You need to come prepared!

This is not the toughest GTDRI course but there will be steep hills to climb in spots and many dirt roads, which if it rains or showers, will be super difficult. Bring a shiv/mud scraper tool! (If you don't, it will surely rain and I will blame you for it!) Plan on a slower pace. No drop means we will stop for stragglers often and regroup at times. Everyone that rides is expected to help maintain the group! This will be tough, but it is supposed to be fun. Well, as fun as humanly possible.

Any questions? Comments? Hit me up via email or comment section here.

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Rydn9ers said...

Couple of us heading over from Nebraska. Add one more to the fat bike category, maybe two if I can convince my buddy to man up.