Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What's Next

Route elevation profile and some info on the Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra course
Last Sunday I talked about my gear used at Gravel Worlds and mentioned that I had some training for my next big event coming up. Well, that would be the 200 mile Spotted Horse Ultra in early October.

I'll likely use the Fargo for this one since the event has a lot of dirt roads, is pretty remote, and there are a lot of hills to deal with. I won't have water available readily, as in Gravel Worlds, so I'll likely set up the Fargo like I did for my Kansas century ride earlier this year.

Obviously hot and humid won't be an issue, so I think as long as the weather is dry-ish, I'll be good to finish this one. But, you never know until it happens. I'm looking forward to seeing this course up close and personal.

Before I get to that event I want to do another century ride. I was thinking about this most of August and then right after Gravel Worlds on the way to work one day the thought just made a ton of sense. (Well.......to my twisted mind it did. ) I am going to do a gravel century on a single speed. I've done it a few times in the past, so this is not unprecedented, but it has been a while since I have pulled off a 100+ miles with one gear.

I'll probably dust off the Pofahl for this one and I've been thinking about doing the Fat Bike Century route for the mileage. That is a gently rolling affair for the most part with the exception of the Iowa River Valley part which will be right smack dab in the middle of the ride.

Some version of this will be the rig used for the Single Speed Century Ride.
So, speaking of the Fat Bike Century, I want to do that again this Fall as well. Whether that comes before Spotted Horse or after, I haven't figured out yet. But that is a fun ride idea and I will do that again.

Then as far as events go I have something I may or may not do in Missouri in late October then I am done. I want to do a few "Whiskey Gravel Rides" where we ride out to somewhere, have a few pulls of whiskey, then ride back again and maybe do 40-50 miles there. I haven't scheduled a Geezer Ride for this Fall, and I may not do one depending on how much fun I want to have versus organizing things for others. Stay tuned there....

So, anyway, the next big deal is the Single Speed Century. I'll be setting up to get that done real soon, then it will be on to training for the Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra.

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What have you been doing?
Training Sir?
What type of Training?

See you in October possibly ;)