Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday News And Views

Paul Components Klamper brake. Now works with Campy. Or would that be "Kampy" now?
Paul Components Klamper Brake Now For Campy Levers:

Paul Components did what SRAM had over a decade to try, but never would- That is to make a high end Avid BB type brake. Well, as the saying goes, if ya snooze, ya lose! I still cannot believe that SRAM never did a better BB-7. Actually, SRAM downgraded the BB-7 over the years, going to a two piece caliper body, which is far inferior to the one piece caliper version. I know, I have examples of both in my fleet.

Anyway, where there is a hole, something is going to fill it. Paul Components filled that hole with the Klamper. Now they offer a special one that works with Campy levers. I suspect that this was, in part, driven by the NAHBS builders who probably pestered Paul to do a Campy compatible actuation lever for the Klamper. But however that is, it is cool to see an American small builder/manufacturer doing things like this.

I also get that Paul Component parts are insanely expensive. At $208.00 per caliper, it isn't going to be on many people's radar to have these on their bike. That said, if you'd rather avoid hydraulic Campy calipers and be able to score a high functioning, silver anodized caliper for your Potenza 11 speed disc bike, well, here ya go

Mike Varley's Black Mountain Cycles "MCD" prototype
 Black Mountain Cycles "MCD" Update:

You might remember that a while back I was gabbing about the new disc version of Black Mountain Cycles "Monster Cross" bike. I bet you do remember, because I have it from Black Mountain Cycles' proprietor, Mike Varley, that many of you tell him you heard about the BMC rigs here. (Thanks for the mentions folks!) Anyway, here is some news on this new Monster Cross version dubbed the "MCD".

Mike has pulled the trigger on production, but don't get all up in his face just yet about a pre-order. He ain't takin' yer money just yet! (See his latest post here) However; when that day comes that he will take yer dollars, he will only ask for $695.00 of them. Just think- you could buy a MCD with four Paul Klamper Campy compatible brake calipers and get change! (Whatever that would be in parts!) But that probably wouldn't work. I doubt Mike would take exchanges like that!

But really, only $695.00? (!!!) That's incredible for a through axle frame and fork which will, if I am not mistaken, be an awesome gravel rig. I'll let you read Mike's post I linked above, but there are a few subtle changes and sizing is a bit differently described, but ultimately physically should feel the same as before. Kind of hard to wrap my mind around what size I'd take just now, but hey! I have some time to figure that all out.

So, yes. I am getting one of these and I will retire a couple of rigs once I get one. That doesn't look to be happening anytime real soon. That means parts acquisition mode shall be activated this Spring. I have a pretty good idea on the build. Gevenalle shifters, White Industries crank, hubs, and head set, and probably some TRP Spyre brakes. In fact, I already have the calipers in the Lab here. Stay tuned for more on this coming up throughout the Spring. Whatever colors Mike decides upon will be a big factor in my decision making. He mentioned pink was in the running. (PLEASE! MAKE THE MCD IN PINK!!)

Trans Iowa v14 Sponsor News!

This is a good segue way into my next bit of news which is that Trans Iowa v14 is going to have sponsorship from Black Mountain Cycles. This Trans Iowa will see a BMC frame/fork given away to the rider in T.I.v14 that finishes and puts in what I and the volunteers deem as the "Grittiest Ride".

We did this same theme in T.I.v10 where Charlie Farrow won. He didn't actually finish, coming up about 6 miles short at the 2:00pm Sunday time cut, but we have the right to bend the rules a bit at Trans Iowa in instances like this, so be advised that the winner will be chosen at our discretion and the decision of Guitar Ted will be final.

Mike Varley told me that since so many folks have mentioned seeing and hearing about the BMC frames via this portal he wanted to support T.I.v14 in this way. So, if you would, don't hesitate to let him know that you heard about this and want to thank him.

More Sponsorship News! I also have Lederman Bail Bonds back as a sponsor again for Trans Iowa. The company believes Trans Iowa is a great event and puts Iowa in a good light, so they are helping out again as they have for several years now with swag items and behind the scenes support of the event.

Wolf Tooth Portable Master Link Pliers
Wolf Tooth Introduces New Gadget:

Quick links for chains are boon to riders in the field who need to fix a chain issue, or who need to go to a single speed set up due to a rear derailleur failure. While they can be assembled with ease, they often can be nigh unto impossible to undo. That's where the Wolf Tooth Master Link Combo pliers comes in. This tool pinches the rollers together to help release the link so a chain can be disassembled in the field. (NOTE- You still really need a chain breaker, so don't be ditching that tool just yet!) Here's a feature set from Wolf Tooth's press release:
  • Compatible with 9-, 10-, 11-, and 12-speed chains
  • Holds two pair of most brands' replacement links (sold separately)
  • Compatible with most tubeless valve and presta tube locknuts
  • Compatible with most standard (5mm) Presta valve core flats
  • 38g tool weight
  • CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Type II anodized in red or black
  • Choice of five pivot bolt colors on black pliers
  • Designed and manufactured in Minneapolis, MN USA
Since it serves a few functions besides being a quick-link pliers, it makes for a great tool to put into your kit. At 38 grams it won't weigh you down either. I can see this being a contender for a place in my kit for sure. 


Unknown said...

I love my Klampers! I had TRP HY/RD's on my Rove and prety much could almost never hit the brake below 23*, otherwise they'd stay locked.

Ari said...

That’s a heck of a post! After riding a BMC monster cross and a BMC road bike it’s a no brainer to order the disc. Mike’s bicycles ride fantastic. Now if he could just offer it in pink?......

Steve Fuller said...

A) That is a fabulous price on a quality frame/fork combo from a small designer.
B) A set of those pliers will be in my kit soon as well. I have a set of mini linemans pliers that I keep in my "extended ride kit". I've actually thought about seeing if I could get a small nub welded on the end so they could also work as quick link pliers.

BluesDawg said...

I bought a Monster Cross frameset from Mike in 2012 (based in large part on your posts about yours)and I loved it. I replaced it in 2015 with an AWOL which I replaced in 2017 with an All-City Cosmic Stallion. I've loved all of these bikes, but there was definitely something special about the Monster. Maybe in another year or two I'll go back to Mike and get the MC disk and set it up with Klampagnolo!

MG said...

I love the looks of the MCD... It's on my short list.