Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Trans Iowa v14: More On The Black Mountain Cycles Sponsorship

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A while back I announced that Black Mountain Cycles was going to sponsor Trans Iowa v14 this year by offering a frame and fork to the rider who puts in "The Grittiest Ride". (Must be in TIv14 to be eligible)

I made my social media and website posts, updated the T.I.v14 site's sidebar where I highlight the current version's sponsors, and went about my business. But low and behold, unbeknownst to me, Mike Varley of Black Mountain Cycles went and posted this on his blog. That was uncommonly nice of him to say those things, but more interestingly, it gives us some insight as to why sponsorships should happen- be they for an event like Trans Iowa or for an athlete.

Mike said that he hears a lot of people say that they first heard about Black Mountain Cycles Monster Cross frames from this source. Ya know, I have had several folks tell me that as well. So, that motivated this sponsorship. I certainly didn't seek this, but I am very grateful for it. 

Secondly, Mike really did a great job of explaining "The Grittiest Ride" and how the T.I.v14 volunteers and I will be judging for this prize, so please check that out in his post, linked above. And finally, I want to personally thank Mike and Black Mountain Cycles here for sponsoring T.I.v14. It is an honor to have such a great sponsor for this event. If you feel led, you can send Mike a word thanks as well by sending an e-mail via Black Mountain Cycles contact page here. Or if you have a question about any of his frames/forks, you can use the same link there.

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Jason said...

Mike at BMC has been very helpful and responsive. His MUSA Monstercross has brought me many miles of riding bliss and countless adventures!