Sunday, January 07, 2018

Minus Ten Review- 1

The only images I posted the first week of 2008 were of my Badger.
Ten years ago on the blog I wasn't doing any reporting on riding because, well........Winter! Typically it wasn't warm enough, there was ice on the roads, and we did not have fat bikes yet.

I did show off some parts I installed on my Badger. That bike just took forever to get going on due to financial constraints and the over all vibe I was getting for even having one of these bikes. (The story has been told before, I am not going to re-hash it again here.)

Anyway, both things were downers and caused me to really draw out the finishing of this rig. In other news I noted a Planet Bike presser that stated they had switched over to solar power. I also noted Jeff Kerkove was now bitching about wind in Colorado. He was doing a lot of gravel riding out there at the time. I thought it rather ironic that he was complaining about the wind since he was famous for saying , "The wind is our mountains.", when he lived out here in Iowa.

Finally I was talking about doing my own gravel travel soon back then. I was pretty much hooked on doing gravel back in '07 and I wanted to just ride miles and miles of the stuff if I could. The trouble was that I was then hooked into doing this 29"er site and product reviewing at that time which ended up keeping me away from gravel riding for the most part. That lasted another six years. Ooof!

Glad that is over now! 

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