Saturday, November 24, 2018

Minus Ten Review - 47

You get this instead of a big, blank white square.
Ten Years ago on the blog here I was chugging along doing all sorts of things. I was testing product for "Twenty Nine Inches". I was riding a lot. There was Trans Iowa v5 recon going on. There were topics discussed.....

But forgive me if I sound bitter. This period was the height of my trust in the former owner of the "Crooked Cog Network" who had me dumping all my images into a hosting site which he pretty much insisted that I use. He was paying the fee to the hosting company to hold all our images. Unfortunately, it was at about this time that he stopped paying the hosting site and unbeknownst to me one day that hosting site pulled their support of our images and my stuff was gone since it was linked back to that site.

My bad for not backing up my stuff on my own hard drive. It literally showed how naive I was about anything to do with the "innergoogles". Remember, I had only just begun to do anything regularly on the internet just a few short years before this. Basically, I had no real experience doing anything on the computer. In fat, Jeff Kerkove, who pretty much insisted I start blogging, did a lot of my "behind the scenes" formatting in the earlier years here. Once he had left for Ergon, and Colorado, I relied on Tim Grahl for technical assistance.

Then that failed me. This was a pretty big turning point in my life. December and January of 2008/09 were very stressful times for me. I had been hung out to dry by my "employer", who never did come through on any of his promises of paying me. I had no backend support on the site, or for my blog. I didn't know anyone well versed in the things I needed to know that could find time to help me out. In fact, I nearly walked away from all of it back then.

But I didn't, obviously. That story will play out in the coming weeks and months.


john said...

One might think that your "employer" that dumped you was the very honorable Europa Cycles. If that is true - I am surprised.

Guitar Ted said...

@john- No, regular readers should be aware that I mention "the shop where I work" on a fairly regular basis. So, I think if the readers are comprehending what I am putting out there, they can think and draw the correct conclusions. Besides, I actulayy point out by name who I am talking about in the post. ;>)