Thursday, July 18, 2019

GTDRI 2019: Update

Wednesday outside of Guitar Ted Production's headquarters
Recon was going to happen Wednesday, then the weather had a say in the matter. A wide ranging thunderstorm complex made running dirt roads a very bad idea, so that plan was scrapped. I'll try again this weekend. That said, I have some other news to share.

After the last update, I was contacted by two individuals willing to help with the water resupply situation. First was Jon Duke, who is a local to this course and said he could do some of the recon. Plus, he also is willing to park his truck at a predesignated spot with a cooler of water.

Second was GTDRI vet Rob E who has volunteered his friend who is coming to be with him on the trip as a person who could meet us along the route to help out with water resupply. I am going to try to utilize both of these folks in an effort to ease our concerns a bit about water on a day that promises, (as of the latest long range forecasts) to be hot and humid. And why wouldn't it be hot and humid. This is the "Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational", right? It's hot and humid almost every year I put this on. So, ideally I think I want to put Jon somewhere around Mile 25-ish and Rob's friend Michaela at about 50-ish miles on a hard surfaced part of the route. That would leave the town of Brooklyn at about 70-ish miles as a convenience store stop. This would place water at about every 25 miles, which should be ideal for everyone.

If that works out, we should have the water distribution figured out. I plan on bringing a cooler of water, and if anyone else wants to contribute to the cause, let me know, or we can figure it out the day of with donations of cash/water. But we will need to get an idea ahead of time to make the logistics work. Hit me up with your thoughts: @

What the sky looked like 10 minutes later. Rain set in for most of the afternoon.
Now I have a bit on attendance, I have had a few folks confirm they are coming. While it is not imperative that you let me know you are planning on joining me, I do appreciate the heads up on attendance so I can head off any potential issues, (like parking, water availability, etc), so if you think of it, and you know you are coming, just give me a buzz via e-mail or text. I can then do what I have to do on my end to make sure we get everyone water and don't have any issues with parking.

My hope is that we can knock this route out in a decent amount of time so that we might be able to enjoy a beer or something afterward at Peace Tree Grinnell. That is right on Main Street, downtown. Easy to find, and there are a a lot of places to eat within walking distance. (Peace Tree doesn't serve food, by the way) So, if we can do 90 miles and get in by 5-ish or so I think quaffing a few cold ones will be on my agenda. If you have a mind to join me, please do.

By the way, just in case you don't know- The Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational will happen on July 27th. The ride starts at 6;00am sharp from in front of Bikes To You on Broad Street, downtown Grinnell. (Parking around the city park a block or so away would be preferable if you don't want your car towed) The GTDRI is a no-drop group ride at a casual pace, it is not a race, and if you want to go fast, this isn't your ride. We will stop A LOT. There will be a LOT of Level B Roads, and BIG HILLS. Other than some water, you'll be all on your own for support. So, if you have to bail, if you break down, or if the ride is too much- YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF. There is NO SAG. NO SUPPORT is offered other than some water at predetermined spots....maybe. 

Once the window for recon is past, I will clean up the GPS route and we will fly with what we have, good or ill. Re-routing may happen. Expect the unexpected. I suspect that I will announce the final version of the GPS track this coming weekend sometime. Stay tuned......

I cannot think of anything else here, so that's a wrap. There will be one final update next week and then a week from this Saturday we ride. Thank you for your interest in this goofy undertaking.

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Rydn9ers said...

Peace Tree doesn't have food but Prairie Canary (always good food) and Pagliali's Pizza both deliver to the taproom. Last time I was in Peace Tree even had menus for both places. Looking forward to the ride since I missed it last year.