Saturday, February 13, 2021

Styrofoam Snow Days

It's been so cold that I actually got out the ATV pogies.
A deep Winter freeze has settled in over the Upper Mid-West. A classic Winter deep freeze that generally lasts 10-14 days. We haven't really seen anything quite like this for several years. That said, it used to be that this happened every Winter. 

This one is not a bad swing. Sure- we've seen sub 20 below, but barely. It still gets above 0°F every day. The Sun shines and the fresh snow is bright and retina burning. The snow is crunchy-scrunchy when you roll over it. I call it "Styrofoam snow". 

I haven't been going out for long stretches or anywhere other than the neighborhood. I don't feel like I have a lot in the tank for a big ride right now because this deep cold really sucks the life out of you. So its been goofing off and just trying to do some things that are hard to do and in a setting that doesn't come all that often. The penalty for failing these moves is falling into a pile of snow, so yeah.... It's a fun time of year when the conditions are right. 

With this deep cold I also have to kind of time the ride for the warmest part of the day. Lately that has worked out since it has gotten up into the single digits and the wind has been light. But this weekend is horrible. Waaaaay too cold! I'll be doing things in the Lab, or cowering under a blanket! One or the other! 

One thing about these cold snaps- they end. Looks like next week we rebound and then it will be a slow ascent toward springtime temperatures. Gotta figure that it won't be long now. The days are lengthening, the Sun is riding higher daily, and I can feel the radiation again, despite the sub-zero temperatures, as long as the Sun is out. 

The snow will melt soon and 'Slop Season' will replace this Styrofoam snow soon enough.

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