Tuesday, February 16, 2021

A Couple Of Comments About The B.O.G. Series

 Last Thursday I broached the idea for a beginner's guide to gravel riding I am dubbing the 'B.O.G', or Basics of Gravel. You can see that post here. Check that out in case you have no clue what is going on here. 

So, I got a lot of comments about this idea, and I want to thank you very much for that, but I feel there are a couple of things that need clarifying based upon the feedback I received. I thought I'd post this quick article to help clear up any misconceptions out there. 

First off- many of you have great ideas! Really great ideas. And I think all those ideas are worth pursuing in long form here. There is only one thing- most of these ideas are for intermediate to advanced riders. Things like gearing, rider positioning, and finding out all about the various kinds of gravel roads. It's waaaaay beyond where I want to start. I'm trying to encourage the idea of 'just riding a bicycle in rural areas'. 

Think along the lines of when you were young. You maybe had a bike that was a hand-me-down, a bike from a department store, or a used bike. It may or may not have had gears, good brakes, and it likely didn't fit you. But tell me something- Did you care? Did not having a bike that fit you perfectly stop you? Did you know what size tires and wheels you had? Did you know your gearing ratio? How about the weight of your bike, and what kind of brakes it had- whether or not it was a Bendix, Shimano, or Chinese branded coaster brake, if you even had brakes? 

Yeah.....some of you may have known some or all of those things about your first bike. But you know what I mean, right? Most folks, when they started out, had no idea about any of those things. They 'just rode their bikes', and that is mostly what mattered. I aim to take it one incremental step beyond that basic beginning. 

Now, what many of you are suggesting is decent and good, but it would maybe be better served to be information that would come post-B.O.G. Maybe a B.O.G 2.0? Maybe..... I think this has merit. So, I am not discounting those comments. It is just that the ideas presented in those comments are more complex things and deal with more minutiae than I want to delve into at the beginning. 

So Wednesday you will see the unveiling of the schedule. Topics are listed and dates are planned. I am already writing this series up. I will only let you in on the one fact that I have nailed down of many. That is that the B.O.G. series will end in May. As we get closer to that time I will see if a "B.O.G. 2.0" is something that makes sense. Maybe no one will want anymore of this nonsense from me by then.

We'll see......

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NY Roll said...

My $0.02, your BOG should be what you want it to be. People will always have criticisms, suggestions and what not. It is a lot like being a Race Director, have a vision and follow that. We have done a few Iowa Gravel Expos, and we always wanted to draw in the un-experienced people. You are still maintaining that same azimuth. I am also of the opinion, something that helps a skoosh is better than nothing at all.