Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Guitar Ted Lube-Off: Update On The SCC Lube

Minor residue on the rollers and the chain looks good here.
 NOTICE:  The Guitar Ted 'Lube-Off' is a comparison of different lubrication products for bicycle chains that is undertaken in 'real world' conditions in a set way. Then I compare and contrast the results with past 'Lube-Off' products to see "which one is best for me". This is done for entertainment purposes and the reader should apply their own reasoning and discernment while reading my 'Lube-Off' entries. What works for me may not work for you at all.

It is time for an update on the SCC Tech Lube which is in this latest round of the 'Lube-Off'. If you haven't seen any previous posts on this, here is a link which also has links back to the introduction. 

In that previous entry I mention that the SCC Tech Lube was giving off a bit of wet, black residue when I performed my 'Touch Test'. That's a swipe of the index finger on the inner run of the chain to see what- if anything- comes off on my finger. To be fair, SCC Tech claims to 'clean your chain' and they say that you will notice some black residue which they say is dirt and grime being worked out of the inner workings of the chain. Well, good or bad, this seems to be the case here and the chain is consistently exhibiting such a residue. Even after several hours of dusty gravel road riding. 

Meanwhile, the side plates look great. Granted, this Wippermann chain is black, so maybe I cannot detect a fine, slightly discolored look. The cassette does show this, so I am guessing that I perhaps cannot see this on the chain due to its coloration. Build-up of gunk is very minimal, but there is some to find on the jockey wheels. That said, it was wetter than you'd normally see, sort of along the lines of what SCC Tech would suggest you might find. The fact that this lube seems to not have a gritty component to that residue is something of a surprise here. 

I've got a little ways yet to go to reach six hours on this chain and lube, so I will have a final look at the SCC Tech Lube at that point, then I will contrast this with the NixFrixShun Blue Devil Lube. Then we'll look at how these two stack up against the DuMonde Tech and Muc-Off C3 Ceramic lubricants that I have had the best results with. That will all come within the next couple of weeks, I imagine. 

A final note: There are several new lubricants being suggested by you- the readers- and a few I've seen mentioned via press release and whatnot. Many of these lubricants- including the Blue Devil and SCC Tech being tested now- claim to be 'all-purpose' lubricants. This eschews the long previously held maxim that you need a 'wet' and a 'dry' conditions lubricant. So, I may be splintering off a category here which reflects that and post new 'Top Choice' lubes which fall into a category that reflects the new direction I am noting in lubricant marketing.

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