Thursday, May 11, 2023

Gravel Amplifier: Rebound Sponsored By Shimano

The Gravel Amplifier is back today with a very unusual event sponsored by Shimano. It is an "alternative" event to Unbound Gravel in Emporia, Kansas. Shimano recognized the prestige of Unbound and how that most people into gravel will probably never get a chance to experience that event. So, they have proposed something much more inclusive and community driven than Unbound could ever hope to be. 

So, what is Rebound all about? It takes a page from the "virtual", pandemic era, gravel events and asks riders to join in by doing their own route in a distance similar to Unbound's offerings. So, you choose 25, 50, 100, or 200 miles of your own design on gravel. The Rebound event then asks that you start at the same time (in your time zone) as Unbound at 6:00am, on June 3rd, ride your distance, and submit your track via Strava. 

The cost? Free. 

And there are prizes. Randomly drawn winners might receive any of the listed prizes which includes a free entry to the 2024 Unbound or two VIP tickets to the Tour de France, amongst other prizes. 

As of Tuesday, May 9th they had over 89,000 people committed to doing this!

Comments; What a great marketing idea and just a great idea overall from Shimano. The ability to draw together the gravel cycling community, if only virtually, in one day for one purpose is heretofore unprecedented. This is likely the largest gravel event ever, in terms of participation numbers. Obviously these folks are not at the same venue, but still, this is impressive. 

I guess from my standpoint the thing that endears the Rebound idea to me is that (a) there is no money in it for Shimano and (b) it is kind of a sideways swipe at Unbound and other exclusive gravel events which have left the folks that built up those events behind by becoming commercial concerns run by corporations that are concerned first and foremost with making coin. The "punk rock", underdog supporter in me kind of loves that bit. 

I also love that it is not your typical gravel event in terms of structure. Who says we have to do things like many events do with all the fancy trappings and whatnot? This breaks that mold and is creative in a way I find refreshing. While I likely won't be able to join in the festivities, (I have to work Saturday mornings), I might try a 25 miler because I think I could pull that off before I have to be at work at 8:00am, but that would be pushing things a bit. Anyway... 

Love this idea! See more at

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I'm in like flynn. I ain't gonna breath the dust from the gravel Peloton.

Yo, Ted, I been looking for your podcast episodes in my podcast feed. You didn't quit did ya hahahhaa.

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