Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Going Flat

The Black Mountain Cycles Monstercross
Well you long-time blog readers all know this bike. My 2011 vintage, first run Black Mountain Cycles Monstercross bike i refer to as "Orange Crush" or #49, which are references to its color and serial number respectively. 

This bike has had a drop bar on it since I've owned it, but now that will change. Something came up in terms of an opportunity to review a new item which requires the switch to a flat bar. 

Originally this project was set to be done on my Karate Monkey, but due to a stock issue and my desire to use this company's parts in the conversion, I was directed to order stuff in silver. That is not the color scheme on the KM, so I am doing this modification on the Orange Crush instead. 

This will radically change things for me on this bike, but I feel comfortable with making the change since a lot of BMC Monstercross owners have also done this model up with flat bars. Other than that, and the obvious necessity for flat bar levers, I am also doing new brakes. Cantilevers, of course, and pretty radical ones at that. At least "radical" in the looks department. 

So, stay tuned for the changes coming soon.......

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