Wednesday, May 24, 2023

I'm Eighteen

This is not the first header, but it is the first designed,"on purpose" header. Artwork by Jeff Kerkove.

I don't always remember these milestones, but as of May 11th, this blog ticked over the 18th year of its existence. That's a long time now. I have to wonder if there is any blog related to cycling that is older and has consistently published posts over its span of existence. Anyone know of any?

There is Dicky's blog, of course, which has had a long, long run as well. He had a "ded" blog which preceded the currently viewable one, so I've no idea when he started scribin'. Maybe someone can chime in on that in the comments. 

I did a short "blog history" back when I reached a decade of doing this. The first of a short series of posts is HERE.

Anyway..... A belated "happy birthday" to the blog here. Looking ahead I will have to start thinking about what to do if I reach 20 years, and if Blogger will still be supporting this technology then. Something has to give, you'd think, but if it doesn't?

Well, there will need to be a celebration of some sort.


MuddyMatt said...

Congratulations once again Mark. Our blog/site the Muddymoles has been running since 2005, so a similar time and there was a previous iteration of the Muddymoles in the Internet Archive that shows we go back to 2003.


The big difference (and the biggest achievement IMO) is how often you post. We have been stop and start because our UK-lifestyle is pretty hectic. I've been stuck with a trapped nerve in the shoulder and neck since mid-March too so posting (and riding) has stalled recently (and I am quietly working on a revamp of the site). But you just keep on keeping on and that is very much to your credit.

Congrats again, Matt

Guitar Ted said...

@MuddyMatt - Congratulations on the long run and thanks for the link. You might remember back then how cycling bloggers would share links and post them on their sidebar to help traffic with all the cycling bloggers. So, you may notice an additional hit or two.....

MuddyMatt said...

Thank you Mark, much appreciated. We've also had this blog and Riding Gravel on our links page for a while.

I still think people enjoy a good read and a window into a person's life via a blog, rather than social media flame-outs; or rather - on a blog you get the chance to expand a little and evolve a little by writing stuff down. Sometimes controversial, oftentimes contemplative, but steered by the writer instead of an algorithm. It's not easy, and THAT's why I think a blog that can produce coherent thoughts over time is so valuable.

Thanks again, Matt

fasteddy said...

Here’s to as many more as you have the passion for, Mark. Looking forward to being here for every day.

Fear rothar said...

I don’t recall precisely when it started, but the washingmachinepost blog has been around since the nineties. Very different subject matter, different musical instrument, but exceptional writing.