Thursday, September 08, 2005

Garage Bike Classics & Answer

Circa 1992 Specialized Rock Hopper. Totally unmolested!
Guitar Ted Productions

First, I'll give you what you're all probably wondering. What the "accesory" was. "J.Y." got it! It pulls the young mans golf bag to the course everyday! Pretty inventive of the young fellow, and keeps the parental units from having to ferry him around. Good job J.Y.!

Now what we have here is...........(No! Not "failure to communicate!)'s a time capsule of a bike! This bike had nothing changed out on it since it came out of it's bike box. Original tires, saddle, yadda,yadda.................. This was as close to new old stock as it gets, coming out of a garage. Full LX with the DX first generation Rapid Fire. ( the push-push type) Double butted CrMo frame and fork, with Ground Control tires, and yes- there are still nubbies on 'em! A really nice bike in it's day that's been sittin' around WAY too much! Enjoy!

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