Friday, September 02, 2005

Good Luck, Mr.24!!!!

This is it! The 24hrs. of Seven Oaks, and there better not be any plans for sleeping on the racers parts, because I know one guy who won't! In case your wondering what it is that keeps somebody like Mr.24 going all night long, well here is the secret!

It's not "Enduro-plasma", or "Cyto-lete", or any other weirdly named nutritional product you may have heard of. It's not a gel, an electrolyte, or carb booster either. (Hey! my first car had a carb!) It's not EPO, cocaine, or methane! Nope!

It's the intense burning desire that only an elite few have. The desire to get through the whole thing so he can relax with a Coke and a Golden Creme while perusing the latest Mad Magazine! You know, some things are just so simple! Sometimes you just miss it!

To Jeff, Carl, J.Y., and all those pedaling in anger this weekend, good luck, and good ridin'! Don't forget to have loads of fun, ya'all!

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