Friday, September 09, 2005

New Skins For Karate Monkey

Izabel models my new Bontrager XR 29 inch folding bead tire. It's what all the "girls" are wearing, darling!
Guitar Ted Productions

There will be some new tires mounted soon for the ol' Karate Monkey. These come in the form of the Bontrager XR front and rear specific tires. They have a folding bead, low knob height, and are supposed to be 2.2 inches wide. We'll see about that width! My daughter thought it would be fun to model one of the tires for you all, so there she is!

With the addition of these tires, I will be temporarily retiring the ExiWolf, and Maxxis Ignitor combo that I have had on most of the year. The Ignitor has worn down to almost semi-slick status! I'll have a full review on these tires soon!

Rumors are starting to circulate about a "wide" offering in 29 inch rubber. We've heard these rumors before! Perhaps InterBike will bring more news. I'm keeping my ear to the ground, and will let ya'all know what I hear!

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