Thursday, September 15, 2005

New 29 inch Rims, and Notes

More new product news leaking out again! This time it's about some new rim choices for 29 inch wheel bikes. Earlier, I had posted that Salsa has planned a new, wide 29 inch (700c) rim to be available in early 2006. Now it seems that WTB has also been testing some prototypes, that are due to be introduced at InterBike. The first is a version of thier most excellent Laser Disc XC, in a 24mm width. The other rim is to be even wider, at 28mm. The wider rim is supposed to be a new design. This rim can be spotted on a new prototype six inch travel 29 inch wheeled bike by Niner Bikes.

Another choice for a nice rim for 29 inch wheels is Mavic's currently available A317 eyeletted 32 hole trekking rim weighing in at 540 grams. Maybe not strong enough for "freeriding" ( Isn't all riding free?) but certainly a viable XC rim.

Got money burning a hole in your pocket? Try ordering a "Maverick-like" Duo, or DuoLux from Seven Cycles in a 29 inch wheeled format. All custom titanium! Probably worth more than the house I live in!

Well, that's all the big wheeled goodness for today! I wonder when we'll see a proper post again from Mr 24.? He should try pryin' himself away from his 700 channel TV, and get back to the "Real World" of cycling! Ha!

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