Monday, September 05, 2005

Westward Trek

Got to ride some fine gravel this weekend. I had to work until 4:30pm. I got out on the road by 5pm., and headed west. I had a pretty good pace going considering that I had a 37 X 22 gear on the Karate Monkey. I suppose it was about 7pm. when I took this shot after taking a break to swap out bottles. I had the Powerbar drink mix with Elete goin on. It didn't let me down either!

After I got into the dark, the Cateye EL-500 lit the way perfectly. The going was slower, as I had several turns to make, and I didn't have a helmet mounted light to see the signs by. That meant dis-mounting, checking the sign, check my map, yadda-yadda! I finally got where I was going by a little after 9.00pm. Boy, was I glad to get there! Let me tell ya, Iowa could use some rain, judging from the amount of gravel dust on me and the bike! The freewheel was nearly locked up this morning when I checked it. Apparently, the moist air was drawn in by the lime dust and made everything around the bearings into semi-rock! Guess there is a little maintenance that is going to be happening!

I was soooo stoked on this ride by the great news of the results of Seven Oaks. Great job Jeff, and Carl! Going one-two! Who'd a thunk it?!!! Thanks for the motivation. I'm not in your league, but I'm workin' on it!

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