Monday, September 19, 2005

Instead of a Bike Ride...........

I was planning on a bike ride Sunday, but a phone call I got Saturday night changed all that!

My two children don't get to see thier Grandparents from El Paso, Texas too much, so when we got a call that said Grandpa, and Uncle Frank were going to be in I-80 Truck stop outside of Davenport, Iowa on Sunday, well we took the trip!

Here is the rig that they were driving! 53ft of HD TV's aboard! Although I would rather that this country ship things in a more efficient manner, this is reality for us now. This thing is pretty amazing, though. Grandpa showed me around this one, which is fully automatic. No gear grindin' here! And talk about cushy saddles! His seat rides on air, and has about eight inches of travel! The trailer tires inflate themselves, when they need it, on the fly! Pretty crazy stuff! Anyway, I thought you might enjoy a closer look at what we shake our fists at while we are on our roadie training rides! LATE!

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MunkieFast said...

I bet you could fit a monkey or two in there