Thursday, September 01, 2005

Monkeytron Invades Europa Cycle and Ski! Part II

There are some strange things going on, now that Monkeytron has come. Check this out! Mr.24 was seen with Monkeytron whispering into his ear for part of the day. One can only guess what the devious little primate was up to! Next thing I know, I catch Monkeytron riding Jeff's NRS rigs, both at the same time! He quickly jumped off as I grabbed the digi-cam. As I snapped the photo of the now swollen and enlarged Brown Menace, all he had to say for himself was, "WHAT!............." Looking closely at the photo later, I saw the banana that he ripped from Jeff's secret supply. That would account for his sudden increase in size. D*#@ that corpulent chimp!! Obviously, there is much more training that must occur before we can safely allow this animal to run around the shop unsupervised. I'll be keeping a VERY close eye on you, Monkeytron!!

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