Sunday, September 04, 2005

More News!

Just a few quickies!

1. Looks like, barring any body shutdowns, injuries, or other wierdness, that Mr. 24 will be wrapping up another solo win at 24hrs. of Seven Oaks! As of 7am. he had the thing "wrapped up", according to Jeff Yielding, who also is participating in the event on Team Bike Tech Racing.
We got a little rain here last night, but nothing compared to the soaking they are getting at the World Solo Mountain Bike Championships in Whistler, B.C. I'm sure Jeff would rather have won that event, but seeing as how he is "banned", I'm sure a win here in his home state of Iowa, in reletively dry conditions is going to be pretty darn sweet!

2. I reported, in yesterdays post, about some new 29"er goodness that is heading our way. One thing I didn't get to was the Specialized Fast Track 29 inch tire. This really makes me laugh when you know that Specialized has turned it's nose up at any suggestion that they make a 29"er. Yes, you can buy tires from them, but not a bike that they can be mounted to! Hilarious! At any rate, these are supposed to be some fast rolling tires, so for you racers, these just might be the ticket. Contact your local Specialized dealer for more info. Or, maybe not! The dealers may not even be aware of what a 29"er is, or that they can sell tires for one. Tell them that Guitar Ted says the part number is in their '06 dealer catalog!

3. And finally....... In some more local news, I see that Citron Rob has fallen under the spell, and gone off to get himself a righteous ride! Apparently, it is a new Fisher X-Cal! Congrats on the new sled, Rob! I'm glad to not be the only 29 inch wheeled rider around! You might wonder how this may affect the nickname. Well, not to worry! The beautiful X-Cal for '06, (You did get an '06....riiiggght?) Is orange metalflake, with a green pearl clearcoat! So, there is some element of "green" in there yet to connect with the nickname!

Today, it's off to the shop at 11:30-5:00pm. and then a gravel grinder 60 miles to Alden, Iowa to meet up with my family. (Only one car, so I gotta ride!) I'll be back later on Monday, so ya'all have a wonderfull Labor Day holiday!

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