Thursday, September 22, 2005


Just a short post here with a few things of interest. Check out the new post on Twenty Nine Inches that I just posted. If you are headed to the On Dirt Demo at Interbike, you owe it to yourself to check this out!

Speaking of Interbike, I just can't wait for all the new information to come out! It's like Christmas time for a bike nut like me! I feel a little left behind, though, since Mr. 24 is going out. I hope he enjoys himself out in the desert!

A bit of a rant now! I have had a car in the bodyshop for repair due to an accident that occured in September of 2004. That's right - 2004!! I have had some patience with the shop, because of the rarity of the vehicle, which has caused some difficulty with sourcing some special parts. But, upon the anniversary of the accident, I decided to start ratcheting up the pressure on the owner a little. Here is what really distresses me about the whole deal. If the customer has to motivate the service provider to complete his job, then maybe the provider should reconsider his being in that particular business. It' not up to the customer to provide the motivation to complete the task at hand, other than providing the funds required to pay the provider. When I enter into a relationship with a service provider, I expect that he/ she wants to do the job! Not that I will have to pester him to get the job done! That takes my time and energy which is valuable to me, which is why I pay to have someone else take care of such things!

This shop does high quality work, has great repoir with it's customers, but if they cannot see fit to do the job without me puttin a size twelve up their booty, then how can I recommend them to anyone else? Well, I can't. They just lost me as a customer and as a reference! Rant mode off!

Hey! The shop just re-did the website! Check it out here! Give your props to Mr. 24 and especially to Carlos the Jackal for a job well done!

Hmmm...............looks like this went long! Oh well!

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