Saturday, September 17, 2005

Saturday Oddities

We get to see some pretty cool stuff at the shop from time to time. Sometimes the stuff is just odd!

Check out this pair of jockey wheels! They look more like spurs or Chinese throwing stars!

Jeff said that the chain was one of those new Wipperman colored chains, but I don't think they come in earth tones!

Here we can see the alignment of the derailluer
compared to the cassette. See anything wrong?

Don't forget, water is your bikes enemy!
Keep it dry, lubed, and cleaned, and you won't
have problems. Problems like a chain that
sounds like it's got a thousand mice in it
squeaking to the chorus of "We're Not Gonna
Take It"!

Here we have the modern day equivalent to the Conestoga Wagon.........or something!

Maybe the local paper boy is missing his bag?

Or, maybe it's a land yacht?

Your guess is as good as mine! Quite inventive, whatever it is!

Looks like the weather around here is going to be fine! Cool, clear skies, and light winds. Perfect Fall weather! Summer is gone, so don't forget to get out early! Sun is gone by 7:oopm. these days! Have a great weekend!

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