Monday, September 19, 2005

Signs and "Stuff"

Check this out. The sign reads, "CAUTION Do not use as a step". Must be some mighty tiny feet trying to launch themselves off of this component to reach the saddle to cause this sign to be posted. Probably, someone actually did try to use this as a step, and broke it off. The subsequent slip, loss of bodily control, and resulting personal injury led to this sign. I guess I cannot discount the possibility that somewhere in the dark recesses of Shimano Japan, there is a diabolical engineer playing a joke on all of us. ........ummm, wait a minute! No, that would be 10 speed componentry! How silly of me!
This is just one of those things that catches my eye. Crazy stuff that actually had some thought behind it. I'm sure many of you have experienced something similar.

On another note, Mr. 24 was very kind, and picked out a date for me to go recon the Trans Iowa route! (Must think he's the boss or something!) Anyway, it looks as though that it will work out. So, for now the tentative release of information regarding this crazy stuff that actually had some thought behind it, will be late October.

I also started putting together the first session of "Mondays With Mark". It will be on commuting. This should be easy for me since I have been doing it for three years now! Speaking of three years, next week is the third anniversary of my start at Europa Cycle and Ski. Woohoo! Three years since I left the dark side! I used to wrench on cars for five and a half years! I'm glad that's behind me now! Thanks to Leans on Wood for his crazy stuff that actually had some thought behind it, when he hired me!

The shop was busy while I was there today, but wouldn't you know? It was a ghost town when I stopped in at 7:30pm to pick up something! I guess it's a school night, or something! Crazy stuff!

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