Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Some News

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Well, here is a bit of news! Turner Bicycles, a previous "naysayer" of the 29 inch wheeled bike concept, has decided to make a 29 inch wheeled model afterall! Hmm......motivated by the percieved market, perhaps? Well, no matter. Another quality builder of 29 inch wheeled full suspension bikes is allright by me!

I wonder how many other companies we will see jumping on the big wheeled band wagon? I suspect that Specialized may be the next to fall into the market, seeing as how they have a tire with no bike to fit it to!

"Mondays With Mark" was a resounding thud! I had five people show up, and two of them just happened to be standing in the store at the time! Me thinks that perhaps the PSA's didn't get out! That wouldn't surprise me! Other than that, it was well recieved. We'll see how next week goes. It's perrenially the best attended session. "Modern Drivetrain Maintenance" The folks love it!

Supposedly, the On Dirt Demo was crawling with 29 inchers! No- really! Well, at least that's what I read! I'm still surfing for the latest! Until later!

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