Saturday, September 10, 2005

That's "Mister 24" to You, Bucko!

Check out this sweet shirt that thumbs it's nose at those smarmy desk jockeys at a certain endurance race promotion company. You can get yours here.

If your going to InterBike, grab one of these, and go to the Elete booth, where Jeff will be pressing the flesh whilst wearing his Cat Eye team kit. Say "Hi" for me, okay?

Overheard at the shop: A customer comes in with an old, blue three speed bike. She is of college age, and has one other female friend along with a male friend acompianing her. I ask her, "What can we help you out with there?" To which she replies, "Well, my friends rode my bike drunk last night, and now the brake is messed up." She feebly tries to squeeze the lever to demonstrate. I begin the repair ticket process: "...and can I get your name here, please?" She replies, "Stephanie...." At which point, her two companions wheel about and in unison say, "Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie!". Umm.........yeah! Okay, now can I continue, please? As I finish up the repair ticket, the female companion gets a cell phone call. "Hello?........Yeah, I'm here with Stephanie at the bike shop...............Yeah! We're havin' a "potty", A "potty party"! Ha, ha, ha..........Yeah, you can come as you like..........You're gonna come as a taco? That's great! You can come as a taco! Ha, ha, ha................and then, mercifully, they walk out the door.
A "Guitar Ted" Public Service Announcement: Remember people, cell phones are the devil! Don't you dare carry on your conversations in public places! Why? Because it's annoying the rest of us that do not need to hear about half of your personal goings on. Besides, it makes you look foolish! Okay? Thanks!

All righty then! Hope that prevents some of you from making a complete idiot out of yourself! Ha! Have a great weekend!

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