Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Getting Back In Gear

While I'm back, I am not really back, if that makes any sense. You know, the whole trip thing really discombopulates the mind. Oh yeah......the body ain't so great either! "Jet legs" is how Mr 24 puts it I think. Anyway, I know I won't be right for a few days. And the cold I got isn't helping either. (groan!)

So, enough belly achin'! On with the show. I've got lots of new stuff from the trip to share with you. I wish I could post pictures, but I haven't been able to track down my cable for the digi-cam yet in all the confusion of unpacking. Wouldn't you know it, but I think I got everything else home and found but that. Ahhh.......what are you going to do? I suppose I'll just list the stuff off for now and hope I find that dratted cable later!

Tires are here for the Bontrager Tubeless Ready System. Dry X is the model name, but even the Bontrager guys groan at the moniker, since it's "pigeon holing" a fine all round type tire tread pattern. I'd have to agree. It's on par with an Ignitor, which I feel is another all arounder that works very well in lots of varied conditions/ terrain. The nice thing is, both my samples weighed in at 620 grams a piece! That's pretty light, and set up tubeless should be really light. A very noticeable weight loss should be a great thing on my 29"ers wheel performance.

Then there is a new saddle called the Rhythm Pro. It's got a modified Bontrager saddle shape, sort of an evolution of the old Selle San Marco Bontrager saddle, if you will. It has hollow CroMoly rails and weighs in at 260 grams. The edges are Kevelar to prevent scuffing and it has some nice contrasting red stiching against the black cover.

I also have a new Trek digital transmitting wireless computer. It has heart rate, cadence,altitude, and temperature besides all the other functions you would expect from a cycling computer. The transmission for all of these functions, being digital and not analog, will help the head pick up a stronger signal and allow the freedom of more mounting choices. It's not affected by high tension electrical wires and shouldn't be affected by "cross talk" from your buddies heart rate monitor, since it's transmitting on a discreet channel.

Finally, there is the Bontrager "Roll Bar" multi tool, which is really cool for one reason. It hasn't got any sharp or uncomfortable edges. This is good when you are putting maximum leverage into some pesky loose bolt on your bike. My mits say, "Thank you".

Okay, that's it. I wish I had some pictures to show you, but they are stuck in digital no man's land until I get that dratted cable back from the "Land of the Lost"!

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