Thursday, April 26, 2007

Late Night Printing Factory

Still up printing because of the goofed up cue sheets for the first part of Trans Iowa. I've got 20 more sheets to print and 100 more to cut and trim. Whew!

Then it's on to other small details like stuffing race bags, sorting out prizing, getting my crap together for a weekend spent inside a car and on gravel roads, and other such stuff. Can't forget the 18 pack o Red Bull!

I'm sorta loopy right now. Tedious, repetitive tasks do that to me. The brain goes into "off" mode and random thoughts and actions begin to take hold. Hey, like Mr. 24 always said, "It's all training!" I suppose he's right. I've got major sleepless time coming up so this stretch of 21 hours today is piddly winks!

Allright, don't feel bad for me, I brought this on myself! I will survive, if I can keep some shred of sanity through all of this!

On a good note: It hasn't rained in about six hours now!

Check out the preliminary race post at Click the "Trans Iowa Audio Update" link on the front page.

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