Thursday, April 05, 2007

Handlebar and More!

Here's another handlebar entry from Origin 8. This time it's pretty obvious that we have a knock off of another On One bar, the Mary.

This bar is called the "Space Bar" which conjures up all kinds of bad puns that I won't burden you with here. The deal is, this is intended to be a highly swept mountain bike bar that helps alleviate the need to get a different stem than you are currently using. (The stem I have it bolted to is a Salsa Moto Ace, by the way)

I'll have a ride report in a few weeks on this one, so stay tuned. The Gary Bar, which I updated on last week, has been mounted and ridden on my Karate Monkey. It's pretty nice, not a whole lot different than a Midge. The differences are subtle and probably only a really picky rider, ( such as myself!) would even notice. I'll post a more in depth review in a few weeks. Oh, and by the way, for those who wondered about bar end shifters- yes, they fit in a Gary Bar.

Here's the promised look at my Raleigh XXIX+G with the Inbred Superlight steel fork mounted on it. Again, the resulting increase in quickness of handling is noticeable. I hope to mount the Space Bar to this rig soon and then get in some real off roading aboard this bike that has quite a few things to post about. I've got WTB Weir Wolf tires, Velocity Blunt rims, the Space Bar, Ergon grips, and the bike itself to write to you about.

We need some nicer weather and to have me around here for awhile to get some progress on these reviews!

I'm looking at my calendar this morning and freaking out. I've got a week in California coming up in a few days, then two weeks later it's Trans Iowa time. I knew April would disappear like a vapor, but it still shocks me to think it'll be May before I can catch my breath again.

Oh well! Here I gooooooooooo!!!!!

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