Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday News And Views

Quachita Nets 13th For Mr. 24: Jeff Kerkove races to a 13th placing at Quachita where Jason Sager takes the win. Nice result for the first test of the year for Jeff. You can read more here.

Bontrager To Release Another New 29"er Wheelset: The Bontrager Wheelworks "Rhythm" wheelset is already out for 26"ers, but now it has become known that it will also make an appearance in 29"er form, possibly on the new Fisher HiFi 29"er FS bike. Go here for a pic of the wheels. This is probably the first of many news items from Trek/Fisher regarding '08 29"er parts and bike introductions.

Fox Racing Shox To Intro Product At Sea Otter: Looks as though a bit of new product slipped through the filter at the recently held MTB National #1 races this past weekend as a new XC fork was spotted on Adam Craig's rig. You can check out a tech report here. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see at least a proto type 29"er Fox shock at Sea Otter, as it is known that Fox has been working on one. My bets are on a full on production model to not only be shown, but be available on a complete bike. Should be interesting!

Guitar Ted "Lube-Off" Update: Look for the next installment this week. I am in re-application mode on a couple of the bikes here, so an update is in order.

Raleigh XXIX+G Update, Ergon Grip Update, and Handlebar Madness: These are some of the topics for the next few days. Stay tuned! This week will be a full week of posts, but next week I am taking off for California. I will be attending the Trek/Fisher Press camp on the introduction of their new '08 mtb line up. (Can you say 29"ers?) Then it's off to Monterey California to check out Sea Otter and scour the Laguna Seca Raceway for anything having to do with the big wheels. Posts here could be erratic, but I will be posting, so bear with me there! Another heads up later this week with possibly more details.

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