Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sea Otter: Windy! Fun!

We made it down the coast today to Sea Otter and started doing a lot of walking. This thing is really spread out! It's sunny and looks like it should be warm, but 30mph winds full of sea air cuts right into you. I wore my new Fisher hoody all day to ward off the chills.

Lots of things to see here. I can definitely see why so many people like this venue to introduce new products. The buzz surrounding things here is palpable. People sightings are also good, as Sea Otter draws a lot of pro level athletes. Let me tell you, Ryan Trebon is a taaaalllll guy! He makes his 26"er look like a kiddie bike! I caught up with Mr. 24 and he's diggin' the Ergon thing here in Cali. He races on Sunday, but unfortunately I'm bugging out to Iowa that day, so no race cheering from me!

29"er news is big here with new CrossMax 29"er tubeless wheels from Mavic, a new 3" travel Niner FS bike called the J.E.T.9 done up in the "Official Colors of the Kerkove Nation", and several other tidbits. Find out more and see the pics on Twenty Nine Inches

I'm heading back out for round two today, so look for more Sea Otter news later!

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