Sunday, April 22, 2007


I was wanting to get back out to drive the final 112 miles of the Trans Iowa course this fine day, but I was entirely too exhausted. I'm still getting over a cold and today it felt as though I was in relapse mode. I got done playing at church and came home to eat. I sat down afterwards and couldn't keep my eyes open for the world. About four hours later, I woke up!

I suppose that's better than getting even sicker, and not being of any use this coming weekend. I have time to punch out the last miles on Monday or Tuesday evening at the latest and get the cues all straightened out for a last minute reprinting.

So, this week should be pretty interesting! If this all gets pulled off, I'll be soooooo relieved! This was supposed to be the easiest set up and it's turning out to be the most stressful one so far of the three I've been involved in.

Oh well! By this time next week it'll all be over with. Good or bad!

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