Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Keith Bontrager's House Is Cool!

Keith Bontrager's House Is Cool!

Just got back from Keith Bontrager's house as part of the Trek/ Fisher '08 product launch. You can check out the actual hardware at Twenty Nine Inches Anyway, check this out.....

This is the scene at Keith's very modest single level bungalow in Santa Cruz. We have a regular house, kitchen, living room, and Keith's very jumbled home office. Stuff on the fridge held in place with magnets, you know, like regular joe's places that we've all been to.

Then you have the folks hanging out, like Gary Fisher, Travis Brown, Thanita Adams of Dirt Rag, Michael Browne formerly of Dirt Rag, (Hmmm...something strange about that?....Naaaah!), several media wonks and Trek, Bontrager, and Fisher employees. Keith cooked us up some grub that was yummy, we had all the "adult beverages", and some good conversations.

The real prize of the night was the van ride home that was piloted by two Bontrager dudes that shall remain nameless. Thanks for the speed bump jumps dudes!

Good times! More from the test rides tomorrow!

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