Saturday, April 21, 2007

Limestone Crush

Jusy got back from driving two thirds of the T.I.V3 course and it's soooo dusty! I got covered in dust sitting in the car driving for eight hours straight. I looked like a recently unearthed mummy!

Anyway, the course is so loose and marbley that the several downhills are going to be a handful unless we see some rain this week. My Dirty Blue Box was skittering all over the place and kicking up a maelstrom of dust behind me to the point that looking out the rear view mirror was pointless. Needless to say, meeting other cars was an unnerving experience. Imagine your car on the edge of traction and not being able to see for several seconds because you were engulfed in a limestone smoke screen. was like that!

Well, another thing that came up was that I found two mismarked turns: Left instead of right on the cue, and the mileage on the first set of cues was mysteriously off within the first 10 miles of the event. Great! Now I have to redo the cue sheets! I suppose the good news is that the reast of the mileages and turns, (so far, there's still 112 miles to drive tomorrow!) are correct. The event just got 4 miles longer, in case you were wondering!

Oh well! I gotta take a short nap and then it's off to church to play in the band this weekend. More driving tomorrow afternoon. A report to follow!

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