Monday, April 30, 2007

Recovery and A Bit More...........

Rest is good! Especially after 40 hours of no sleepy time! I feel disheveled but I'm on a much higher functioning level than yesterday!

I forewarned you yesterday that my post was written in a no sleep haze, so it comes off a bit gruff perhaps. It might not be wise to post in that state, but there it is. At any rate, it's interesting from the standpoint of how it is to be done with such a monumental task at the point of complete mental exhaustion. I'll add that on the drive home I went through several emotions including extreme sadness, rage, quiet reflection, relief, total mental disorientation, fear, anxiety, and happiness. That drive home certainly was one of the weirder experiences of the whole weekend. Then to top it all off, my wife had to visit the emergency room because she felt so weak and had pains in her chest! (She's okay, by the way.)

See the final overall results of Trans Iowa here.

Okay, I see the pictures are starting to trickle in. The Endurance Forum on has a new Trans Iowa thread. Check it out.

I'll be posting some stories and thoughts there later, but for now.................I'm taking a break!

Thanks for the great times and support everyone!

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