Saturday, April 14, 2007

World Premeir Night

I got invited with Tim to go to the World Premier of the movie 24 Solo which documents the attempt by Chris Eatough to gain a seventh world solo 24 hour title. The event was held in a cool old theater in downtown Monterey here and was attended by all those folks that you would think should be there.

Sushi and some Indian curry/ vegetable/ nodly thing was served along with wine and margaritas. Nice! Trek also got everyone a swag bag, which was pretty cool too. I won't get into the details of the movie, you'll have to check it out for yourself. I will say that it's extremely well done, with great camera work and backround on Chris. There is even a great number of very humorous parts which make for a light hearted side to a very intense story line.

Okay, so I'm sitting there about three quarters of the way through the flick and the camera jump cuts to a silvery-gray bike with pink Industry 9 wheels cresting a rise in the course. You can't see the rider because the camera angle is so low to the ground. I got excited and turned to Karl Etzel of Ride424 and said "That's Dicky! That's Rich Dillen!" So Rich, if you read this, you have now been immortalized on film once again.

The film is great and I highly recommend it. The ending says alot, which is really the best part of the whole film. Plus, how can you not get a DVD that features a Viking with pink wheels?

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