Friday, January 04, 2008

Getting Back To Normal Around Here

With the end of all of this political hullabaloo, Iowans can now get back to normal. I am very glad to live in America and to enjoy my freedoms, but this latest round of presidential grandstanding and the resulting media blitz is waaay over the top. Heck, the other day I had ten messages on the answering machine: All political solicitations. Blech!

Then there are the Holidays which fell in the middle of the week. I'm not even sure what a "work week" is anymore. The coming week of work will seem like a marathon compared to the last few weeks. It's all good though. The "normal" routine will be good for a change and maybe I can get back to a normal rhythm of life once again. Don't get me wrong! I appreciated the recent time off, but there is a certain comfort in a daily routine too.

That said, I'll be changing up my routine just a bit, in hopes of getting into a bit better shape. I was a bit embarrassed last year on a few group outings and I want to race a few times this year too. I think I made it through the Holidays relatively okay, with the exception of my Moms traditional goodie platter she sends home with me. Gotta have the ginger bread cookies!

So, no New Years resolutions here, but just an effort to get into shape for some fun riding and a few races. I figure since I am on Team Twin Six and with the promised reappearance of Team Stoopid lingering on the horizon I might as well get cracking. Time for a one man team training camp! Nothing glamorous, just some long, slow gravel grinders to start out with.

Have a great weekend and ride if ya can!

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