Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday News and Views

Twin Six Sponsors Underground Media Hack- UPDATE: If you missed the original story, you can check it out here. We have learned that not only has Twin Six decided to sponsor this "Guitar Ted" fellow, but they have actually invited him to be onboard their Team Twin Six roster for 2008.

Generally you might see an athlete with some sort of pedigree being asked to join a team, or even a retired professional racer. Our research into this "Guitar Ted" figure is a bit shadowy, at best, but from what we know, he doesn't seem to fit the mold. We are still trying to get a fix on just what is going on with this. As of now, all we can say is that it's stranger than Rock and Republic's racing team. At least Twin Six has better looking jerseys!

Speaking of racing..... Here's the updated list of events. Dirty Kanza 200- May 31st, 12 Hours of Blue Mound, July 12th, 24 hours of Seven Oaks, September(??), and one more event yet to be determined. I may see about getting into some other events here and there, but these four, ( with one mystery event) are for sure events in 2008 for me.

Then there's always Trans Iowa: Then there is the event I help put on. Trans Iowa looks to be a bit shorter than last year at 312 miles or so. That means the time to complete will be modified downwards too. I'm looking at going to 31 hours with three check points on the route. Stay tuned, this is all still in flux yet. More on the course details will be released after the recon.......coming soon!

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