Friday, January 11, 2008

What I Can Say Is.........

Well, Of the several things rolling around in my mind today, there are only a few that I can actually mention on a public forum such as this today. I know, I know......I've hinted around before about things of a secretive nature and I know it's not fun to click over to this site and read, "I've got a secret" and not read what it is. But.......that's reality right now for me. That is what is going on in my head.

Soon enough it will all be revealed. It all hasn't got to do with me directly either, but some of it does.

I can say that I am getting really excited about what Trans Iowa is going to be this year. The route is going to be spectacular from a challenge standpoint. I'm hoping it is good from a riders perspective too, but that will be seen as soon as d.p. and I get out there and verify it. The event has several volunteers so far, which is amazing from the standpoint that I have not actively seeked out anybody. They have all stepped forward on their own. (By the way, we could use one or two more folks to help, if you are so inclined)

So, details have to be ironed out yet, but the 2008 version of T.I. looks to be falling together quite nicely as of now.

And as for gravel, I will be getting some in this weekend, (hopefully) and I will be very busy playing in the church band on electric guitar and running some side projects down in the lab.

Hopefully you can get a bike ride in too! Have a great weekend.

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