Monday, January 28, 2008

One Down, One To Go

<===All done and ready to ride! Now.......where is the dirt?

One down: The Blackbuck is ready to roll. I finished it off at work on Friday. No clipless yet, I'll actually have to buy a pair since all of my toss off sets have been installed on other rigs. Salsa CroMoto stem and carbon 17 degree flat bar are coming as well. Otherwise she's good to go.

Of course, I haven't got a place to really throw this into a true off road situation. All the trails are socked in with snow now. I left the WTB Vulpines on it for now. I may do a bit of gravel road riding on it to start out with and the Vulpine should prove to be an excellent gravel road tire.

You'll notice two silver "thingies" on the seat post. Those are an extra water bottle mount. I have them there for the really long days out on the gravel.

The disc brake mount is really a cool feature on this bike and keeps things looking "sano", as the old hot rodders would say.

The quick little spin around the shop confirms that the steering and fit are much like the old Inbred these parts used to be on.

The way the rear end flows into the top tube is another cool little detail I like about the frame.

But enough gawking. I want to ride it in the dirt! It is going to be tough waiting out this long winter we're having this year!

One last shot. Here you can see the downtube route on the rear brake. Also, you can spot the the only other decal on the bike, other than the head tube badge. Not a lot of graphic treatment to the Blackbuck, which I find refreshing. Just a lot of "Kerkove Nation Black" (yes....that is an official color!)

One thing you can't see and that is the upside down King headset cups and stem face plate on the Easton stem. (I'm a bit of a rebel!)

Okay, so that's one build. The Badger is only needing one crucial part to be complete. I'm hoping it will be here this week!

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