Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Silvery- Like The Moon

<===Stainless steel goodness

I got a couple more bits in for the Badger build. I decided to go with a silver theme on the cable housings using some leftover Nokon housing for the shifters. I only had enough to take care of shifting duties though, so something else had to be used for the brakes.

I considered Nokons again.....for a nano-second! They are just sooo expensive and.....well, it takes two kits to do one disc brake bike. I could have held out and saved up for it, but I figured something a bit different would look just fine. I saw these Clark Clim8 cable systems in stainless steel and thought I'd give them a try. The braided stainless housing is almost white in appearance and it looks pretty cool on the bike so far. Stiffness of the casing looks good so I think the braking feel should be excellent. The price for a kit isn't bad but it still takes two kits to do one disc brake equipped bike. Manufacturers need to put longer housing runs in these kits for disc brake bikes. Buying two kits, while good for business, is bad for the consumer and it's kind of a waste. Although I'll find a use for the left over bits, I'm sure. On the plus side the ferrules are lightweight aluminum, well........it's a plus if you are a weight weenie! I'm not, so it is just a mildly amusing curiosity.

<===A new shade of cool

Silvery theme continues with these Origin 8 Gary Bars which originally came out in a shot peened black anodized finish. Now they are available in this bright, silver shot peened finish. Yeah, it isn't a high polish, but for a retail of $25.00, whaddya 'spect?

Funny thing is that I was all giddy about getting these for the Badger since it has a silver Thomson stem and seat post. Well, after some careful consideration I have decided on putting my black Origin 8 Gary Bar on the Badger after all. I think it looks better since I have some black anodized wheel components and crank set. It all kind of ties together better that way.

Oh well! The Gary Bars are cheap, as I said, and I'll find another use for it. In fact, it will probably end up on the Karate Monkey. (That's another whole project!) Now I am going to save up for my mechanical disc brakes. That'll be a bit down the road yet, but when I get those this Badger will be done quite soon after. It's the last piece o the puzzle.

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