Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Maybe It's Time I Tried This

Okay, maybe I've lost my marbles, or maybe it's just the evil influence of certain bloggers. What ever it is, I have got a bug to do not just one, but two bikes as fixies. Yeah...........fixies as in no coasting. This coming from a guy the road bike freaks around here used to call "The Coast King". I know.........it seems weird, but here goes..................

Fixie #1: The classic fixie "rat ride". I am not sure what goes on in other areas of the country with the "fixed gear culture", I only know what rolls out of our shop and around this area when it comes to coast free living. So this rig fits the bill for a "on the cheap" fixie 'round these parts. Your mileage may vary. Here is what I've got: Old Raliegh Grand Prix, 70's vintage. No braze ons, horizontal drops, and a cottered crank. Converted to 700c and fixed by using an old spin on free hub compatible wheel, respaced and redished. Fixed with a Miche' 17T cog and an old bottom bracket lock ring. I won't be able to do any cool "fixe tricks" especially skids, because the fixed cog could back off. Just toodling on this one. I have brakes on it and studded tires for the ice. Pics soon, although she ain't much to look at.

Fixie #2: The re-birth of the Campstove Green Karate Monkey! Yes........off road fixed! This one is a little more serious. I'll have my Chocolate Chip wheels on it. These are the ones that have the Surly Jim Brown hubs laced to Velocity Deep V rims that are powder coated chocolate brown. Nutted axles! Tomi Cog on one side, freewheel on the other in case I get sketched out or way tired. (Yes.......this means no rear brake! I hardly ever use the rear brake any how.) The front will be a disc braked, normal wheel. I'll be getting the Tomi Cog soon and the rest of the bike will be coming together slow but sure. I'll probably be getting it done, oh say about the time the sun is out till 8pm 'round these parts. Soon, but not soon enough!

So, I've probably just signed a death sentence for my knees, but I have been curious for awhile about all of the fixed gear stuff and how I might do riding one, especially off road. No knickers, no "fancy messenger bag" (mine has real use commuting stains, by the way) and no latte's at some cafe' I can't pronounce the name of. If this guy comes around to make fun-o-me, he's barkin' up the wrong tree. I don't give a rip whatcha do out there in fashionista land, I just want to try this thing out before I get any older and see if I can hack it. So there!

I'll be riding the Raliegh soon. Reports to follow.

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