Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend In Review

I had a very non-biking busy weekend and still managed to squeeze in a ride! Ha! I didn't think it was going to be as fun as it was, but the snow was crusty enough that it held me up, (mostly) and I got some nice easy spinning in. Exactly what I needed.

Other bike related stuff was a happening too. Trans Iowa recon was scheduled for Saturday the 19th. I think Mr. 24 and I did a bit of winter recon once, I seem to remember a bit of drifted in B road once upon a time. I've seen so many miles of gravel they all start to blend together at some point! Anyhow, we are going out and I can not wait to see the lay of the land. I've gotten some GPS generated map turns and some other data from d.p. Man! Is it ever helpful to have him on board this go 'round. We practically have cue sheets done without ever going out of our doors! I've been pouring over the data and so far it is looking great. Checkpoints have been designated, at least in the general sense. Specific locations in each city will be identified as we roll through next weekend. Look for an update next week on the T.I.V4 website.

I was also busy considering an offer over the weekend for a new single speed device. I have decided to replace the ol' Inbred with something a bit more, shall we say, stylish. I won't give too much away here, but I can say that this will be a frame and fork that will have the Inbred's parts transferred over to. That means I'll have something just sitting around the Lab and that isn't a good thing for me. It might be for you, maybe. Get the picture? More on the mystery machine later.

Okay, so that was my biking related stuff from the weekend. The rest was all family stuff and playing guitar, which I get to do a little more of tonight. Yeah..........I like that! I noticed a lot of blogging cyclist are now putting a subtext or a sidebar on their blogs/posts that tells us all what they are listening to. Well, I figure I'll go a similar route, but instead of putting on a note about what I'm listen to musically, I'll put a note up on what I'm playing music on. Here is the first one....................

What I'm Pickin' On: 1988 Fender Stratocaster "Strat Plus" with Wilkinson tremolo and Lace sensor pickups. Antique White with a maple fretboard.

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